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In a protein lab, it is common for people to set up their proteins as a fusion with other domains which are easily purified through their affinity to ligands attached to resin beads. One of the most common of these domains is the glutathione S-transferase protein or GST. Typically, there is a small linker region between the protein of interest and the fusion parner and this amino acid sequence contains recognition sequences for proteases. After months in the lab, having limited success with her proteolysis reactions, a young female grad student finally had her patience and perseverence pay off when she destained yet another gel and saw that her protein had indeed been cut by the protease. In her joy, the young woman ran out into the hallway, proclaiming proudly to all: "I've got cleavage. I've got cleavage. Come over here. Look at my cleavage."

This system is intended to be a working model to demonstrate the use of Javascript, Javascript frameworks (JQuery etc) and AJAX in developing a rich content applications for the field of training in Health, Bioinformatics and allied medical and scientific areas. It demonstrates a number of technologies that are purported 'to be in the future' as soon as 'we build an NBN' or 'something will be invented that will CHANGE THE WORLD!'. The truth is, the internet, specifically the Web, is grossly underused, and to an extent, over exploited. Useful applications can, and occasioanly are developed and published on the Web. A good deal of the bandwidth used is used by dross. Probably including this page! (although I did search around for low-bandwidth candidates). Thank you for taking the time to look around so far. Mark Addinall.

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Watching a cartoon for 0.5 hr will cost you approximately 0.5 Gb or 62.5 MB. That's streaming. Downloading it on my ADSL2+ will take 62 seconds. When the NBN kick in, if indeed anyone ever gets 100 Mbps (impossible) it will take 5 seconds. More like 9 seconds. So, that is 50 seconds of my busy life saved! Thank you Mr. Conroy! My Gantt charts are divided into 30 second intervals! Really, the idea that IT productivity is going to sky rocket with a faster network is pure kiddology. The code in this application total 228 KB (64.5 KB application code + 164 KB library functions (the video player and the nifty X-Ray viewer etc.). 228 KB is 1924 Kb is (using SI measurement) 1924000b is NEARLY 2 Mb. The transfer time to deliver this application at 100 Mbps can't be measured. The end to end connection handshake takes up the bulk of the time. No measureable difference to my 8 Mbps and with a REALLY SLOW old fashioned IDSL link, just over one second. There is about 800 hours coding invested in that little squeak of transmission time. Or, if you like coefficients, a factor of 1:2,880,000 - Transport:Creation. It does well to consider these numbers before making bold statements about increases in business productivity.