Welcome to my new home page. There is not much of it. I put up my last web site about fourteen years ago. I spent a whole two hours on it, and left it standing in a horrible ugly mess for all of that time! "Painters Houses!". So I decided to stick this little one up in place. It is a result of one of my lightweight templates, designed to be RESPONSIVE and FLUID from the ground up. Lightweight, including graphics, 610KB. Like I said though, there is not much to it. What there is is CSS3 and HTML5, no FLASH!, ImageMagik or Javascript trickery! I don't mind Javascript, I use it and the library jQuery a LOT, it just happens to be fun to see what can be done using the new web standards.

The menu mostly contains links to some of my other work, a couple commercial and a couple experimental. Most of the stuff you can "View source" and read how the things are put together. Be WARNED! I swear in my comments when people make me do STUPID things! You will not be able to do this with Cross City DJs, THAT is a HUGE heavily modified Wordpress site with a LOT going on!

These menu selections open a new page or a new tab depending on your browser set up. I did this because each site has a different user interface and are ALL very different from this page.

Contact Page

Just another contact form. I like playing with custom forms! A little page that describes my services and the opportunity to say hello. Nothing mind blowing!


A little RETRO game I wrote to experiment with the new HTML5 <canvas> object. Almost pure Javascript. It was quite a lot of fun having never written a game in the past.


Again, this was and is an experimental couple of pages that explore the new HTML5 <video> object. I must have been in a RETRO mood that month! Only the first two movies on the menu work. I did stick the lot up once, it grabbed a LOT of disk! Maybe I'll dedicate a virtual machine to it one of these days and implement a large library. Enjoy, sit back, and why not share a Hamburger sandwich? OR TWO?


People that know me know that I have been a student pretty much all of my life. Never once attended Uni full time, always had a job to do, but made sure I studied every year. Lately I became interested in eLearning. Here are a few of the electronic course I have taken during 2012, 2013 and 2014 along with results. The concept is fantastic. One course I took, Virology I was possible THE BEST course I have ever done, bar none. I would like to get involved in education - educational software as an occupation. The concepts are fine, the user interfaces are clunky! Open to offers, see my contact page! eLearning from a software point of view; I am currently in the throes of advanced AngularJS with Meteor. MVC as it is SUPPOSED to be done. So very, very, very good. Also WebGL for tightly bound PUSH pages using a new interface paradigm. I am having a LOT of fun with this stuff!


Twelve months to two years ago there was a LOT of nonsense talked about how the FTTH NBN was going to REVOLUTIONISE eHEalth. So I put up this page that briefly discusses some of the different aspects of eHealth, and why that an NBN will improve the field is pure fiction. It also served as an experiment to play with some newer ‘Look and Feel’ models for my future web sites. We see this year that the gubbermint National Health Tranking Thingy is another $BILLION disaster!


A very simple, minimalistic web site for my good friend in Africa, Belinda Addinall. It is responsive apart from the Heading. I must fix that now that I remember. Just an example of how a web site can be pretty, functional, and not take up a terabyte of space and a development team for a year! This is a free plug and a cross link!

Zen Garden

This is one of my VERY favourite pages on the Web. I have been visiting the site for ten years now and it has influenced the way I code to a great extent. Keeping the HTML simple, clean, small, readable and FREE of in-line styling, and have the work done by CSS. This was difficult in the past, but do-able. There were many cross-browser "hacks" to consider and some fundemental differences in architecture as in ‘What is the BORDER-WIDTH’! Thankfully most of this clumsiness has vanished, and we CSS3 we are truly able to work magic! I am still exploring the CSS3 attributes and transistions I still have a way to go and am NEVER going to be a Graphic Artist, but I have fun with it. I hope you like having a little look around. Visit the CONTACT page and send me a message! Suggestions very welcome.

More Work.

A lot of my work over the last two decades has been implementing applications on intranets, CAMEL (Coal and Mineral Electonic Link) for QLD Rail and BHP, QuickTools for Telstra, Quicktools for OPTUS, QuickTools for iiNEt, various in-house management systems and such-like, so it is not easy to view that side of my work. I have taken screenshots of a few of them HERE if you would like a peek! Some live sites in the travel industry live HERE and HERE. My CV is HERE. Be warned, it is LONG. I have been coding every day just about for thirty five years now! Thanks for dropping in!

Data Science.

In the past I have worked with large data sets. The International Steel Statistics Bureau and the Australian Bureau of Statistics. I found the challenge of working with "Big Data" an enourmous amount of fun. T improve my skill set as a data scientist I am taking the Johns Hopkins University Data Science Specialization series of courses. These include: "The Data Scientist's Toolbox", "R Programming", "Getting and Cleaning Data", "Exploratory Data Analysis", "Reproducable Research", "Statistical Inference", "Regression Models", "Practical Machine Learning", "Developing Data Products" and a final Capstone project. So far I have completed the Data Scientist's Toolbox and R Programming. Both with a score of 100% and Distinctions. View Data Scientist's Toolbox here and R Programming here.